SuperHero Support™ Pledge

Steve, our Founder, started Consumer Affinity because of his concern about the growing trend of Identity Theft, Scams, and Fraud. Steve has worked for large corporations and small, late-stage startups. The most successful leaders and companies take a fanatcal approach to serving their customers. This is the culture on which Consumer Affinity is being built.

SuperHero Support™ Promise

We will give our customers a SuperHero Support™ experience. We promise that we will work hard every day to treat every customer with the respect, empathy, and care required for the situation. We will try to earn our customer’s business every day. The customer support situations that we deal with might be stressful and emotionally charged – we understand that. We know that if you’re calling us, it’s likely because your identity has been stolen or you’ve had a near miss. We’ll be sensitive to the situation as we uncover the facts of your case.

Save Money – Protect Against Identity Theft – Restore Your Identity

We help protect customers finances from Identity Theft, Financial Fraud, and other threats.

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