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Higher credit scores is the name of the game and the
goal we want to help you achieve

Our easy to use user interface provides you with a clear understanding of what you can be doing to improve your score. We use green icons to help you understand what is positively affecting your score, and red icons to show you what is hurting your score.

With these easy to understand indicators, you will know exactly what you can do better to help boost your score! You also have the ability to track your score over time. Watch as your credit score climbs higher and higher until you have reached the number you have always wanted

Reasons Why You Should Choose Split®

View custom indicators so that there's no confusion about what might be affecting your scores.

  • Save money by getting better interest rates on credit cards
  • Get better credit card offers with travel and purchase benefits
  • Protect your identity by proactively monitoring your credit file
  • Restore your identity and cash with our insurance and restoration services
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Metrics And Trends

According to a Javelin Study conducted in March 2020, in 1 in every 22 people in the U.S. were victims of Identity Theft in 2018. While the number of victims went down from 2017 to 2018,  the average amount of damages per person increased. Fraud monitoring, identity theft insurance and restoration services helps reduce the risk of identity theft and mitigates damage in the event your identity is misused

Identity Theft Victims
$ 1700
Identity Theft Damages

Top 5 consequences of Identity Theft via the ITRC Aftermath survey of 176 Identity Theft victims in 2016. Survey respondents were from 40 states and the District of Columbia. 


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