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We provide monthly 1B Credit Reports, $1 million of Identity Theft Insurance, Fully Assisted Identity Theft Restoration, and Lost Wallet Assistance.

In general, the following (it depends on the circumstances):

Fraud or Embezzlement, Theft, Forgery, Data Breach, Stolen Identity Event, and Unauthorized Electronic Funds Transfer. 

Again, in general (certain conditions apply):

Costs for loan/grant applications that were rejected, notary public fees, costs of credit reporting fees/freezes as well as court filing fees and expert witness testimony. The policy also covers lost base wages for time taken off work to remediate the identity theft issues and child/elderly care.

The policy may pay for reasonable attorney’s fees for defending the subscriber against legal action from merchants, creditors, collection agencies, or others for non-payment.

Loss due to the subscriber’s fraudulent, dishonest, or criminal acts. Errors and omissions of systems related issues. Unintentional clerical errors. Losses that were not related to our services such as business expenses, papers, jewelry, documents, property damage, bodily injury, personal injury, or financial instrument losses. 

A power of attorney helps but is the subscriber’s choice. It is not required.

We provide a 90 day money back guarantee for our annual plans. After that, we don’t process refunds. When a monthly plan is canceled, the current month is completed, after which the plan no longer renews.

Only if you elect for then to renew in our user interface. Monthly and annual plans can be changed in the subscriber’s account settings to either auto-renew or not.

We were founded in October 2018.

Yes, we do. We carry coverages spread out across multiple policies.  

Credit Karma does not provide an Identity Theft Insurance policy.
They also don’t provide Identity Restoration services.
There are no Lost wallet restoration services included in what they offer.
You can’t call anyone at Credit Karma for help.

Identity Theft Insurance in the amount of a $50,000 policy is offered on Credit Sesame’s free plan.
Credit Sesame doesn’t provide Identity Restoration services in the free tier.
There are no Lost wallet restoration services included in Credit Sesame’s free plan.
 You can’t call Credit Sesame and speak to a person.

LifeLock provides more bells and whistles than we do but they’re also more expensive. 
Identity Restoration personnel are not in the United States.
Support staff are not located in the United States.
LifeLock restoration personnel or support staff may or may not answer emails in a timely fashion.



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We help protect customers finances from Identity Theft, Financial Fraud, and other threats.

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