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The Importance of Monitoring Your Credit History

The Importance of Monitoring Your Credit History

Credit history is one of the factors that determine the health of your credit score. By definition, it’s a record of your requests for credit, debts, and payments on debts. Before lenders like credit card

The Complete Guide to Credit Scores

The Complete Guide to Credit Scores

It is not that difficult to establish a good credit score, but it is essential for your overall financial picture and health. People with a good or excellent credit score have an easier time getting

How to Recover From Financial Fraud And Scams

Regardless of the causes and severity of the financial fraud you’ve experienced, there are things you can do to embark on the path to financial disaster recovery. Financial crime can be devastating, causing different financial

What Happens to Stolen Financial Data On The Black Market?

When an identity thief accesses your personal information, he or she can either use it for direct monetary gains or sell it on the black market (dark web). And once your information finds its way to the online black market, it is likely that it will stay there for years. Split explains what happens to stolen data records on the black market and what you should do if it happens.

The Emotional and Financial Effects of Fraud

Besides the financial loss that victims of financial fraud experience, the mental and emotional impacts of fraud can resemble the consequences of violent crime victims. My Split discusses what the victims of fraud go through, as well as what they can do to embark on a path towards recovery.

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